Leukorrhea Symptoms causes Treatment


leukorrheaa white to yellow viscid discharge from the vagina or uterine cavity, which may be a symptom of a disorder either in the reproductive organs or elsewhere in the body. The glands of the vagina normally secrete a certain amount of mucuslike fluid that moistens the vaginal membranes. This is often increased at the time of ovulation and before a menstrual period, and it is also stimulated by sexual excitement, whether or not coitus takes place. Excessive discharge, however, may indicate an abnormal condition. A yellow or creamy white discharge, especially if it is thick, often contains pus and provides evidence of an infection. A thinner discharge, such as one that seems to be clear mucus, usually indicates that the disorder is chronic, but of less significance.This is the medical term for a definite kind of vaginal discharge that is most common during pregnancy as well as at additional times during the reproductive years. If an individual has leukorrhea, it may be a sticky as well as thick vaginal discharge that is yellow, green or white. It may vary with the menstrual cycle of the woman as her hormone levels change.

Symptoms of leukorrhea

  • A whitish discharge from the vagina
  • Lethargy
  • Thick, viscid as well as foul smelling discharge – mainly during puberty
  • Pain in the lumbar region and the calves
  • Black patches under the eyes
  • Weakness
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Spots on undergarments
  • Dragging sensation in the abdomen
  • Intense itching in the genital region
  • Constipation
  • Irritability
  • Headaches which are frequent

causes of leucorrhoea

  • Improper or bad eating habits.
  • Eating spicy and fried foods and lots of carbohydrates.
  • Accumulation of toxins in the body.
  • Unhygienic living conditions.
  • Wounds produced by itching.
  • Bacterial Infection.
  • Anaemia and diseases like diabetes etc,
  • Hormonal disturbances.

Leukorrhea During Pregnancy

Leukorrhea can be a very first sign of pregnancy, but it is not always a clear identifier by itself. But in the presence of further signs, for example morning sickness, frequent urination and/or a period being missed, the woman ought to take a pregnancy test for verification.

When present while pregnant, leukorrhea is caused by the increasing generation of hormones, including estrogen as well as bigger flow of blood to the vagina area. It is a blend of secretions from the cervix as well as the vagina, dead skin cells as well as normal flora of bacteria from the vagina. It is not unsafe and it is not a sign of any problem.

Leukorrhea Treatment

Leukorrhea is considered a normal portion of being pregnant and is not essential to be treated or stopped. Most women may be more at ease using a liner for the panty especially when this discharge becomes too heavy. The area of the vagina needs to be kept dry and clean and women should abstain from wearing nylons or tight pants.

Smilax china powder

Make a paste using smilax china powder and milk and apply it over the genital areas for better results, use twice daily.

Other Herbs

Lamium album, White nettle and Tiger lily are other herbs which are effective in treatment of Leucorrhoea. However, they must be used under the guidance of naturopaths.

Lady s finger (Okra)

Lady’s finger has various useful minerals which are beneficial in Leucorrhoea. Take about 100 gm of lady s finger and add a liter of water to it. Boil this for at least 20 minutes to make an infusion. After it cools, sweeten the drink and take it daily as frequently as possible, till the symptoms are gone.

Mango seeds

Dry and grind the mango seeds to make a powder. Add a little water to this powder to make a fine paste, apply this paste outside and inside the vaginal tract to treat leucorrhoea.

Fenugreek seeds

Add fenugreek seeds to cold water and simmer over moderate flame for 30 minutes. Strain and use this as a douche. Tea made of fenugreek seeds , by boiling it in water and drinking it , can be very useful in treating this condition.

Guava leaves

Steep guava leaves in water and simmer for about 30 minutes. Strain it and use twice daily, as a douche over the vaginal area till the symptoms disappear.

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are very beneficial home cure for leucorrhoea. Soak the seeds in water overnight. Strain and drink this water the next morning on empty stomach. This can be done for at least one week for better results.

Walnut leaves have astringent properties which are beneficial in healing infections, and treating leucorrhoea. An infusion made by steeping the leaves in water and boiling for about 20 minutes can be strained and used as a douche on genital areas . This can be done at least thrice a day for better and fast relief.

Rice water

Wash rice and strain it. Add honey or sugar to this water to sweeten it, before consuming it. This is a good remedy to get rid of itchiness and fatigue.

Cranberry juice

Extract and drink cranberry juice, at least thrice a day, till symptoms remain.

Betel nut

Betel nut is very effective home cure for leucorrhoea. Chew a few betel nuts after every meal. This also prevents future occurrence of leucorrhoea. Take some betel nuts, add some rose petals and crush together. Add a little sugar. Drink it or use this as a douche to apply over the genitals.

Sandalwood oil

Take a few drops of sandalwood oil twice a day.

Amalaki powder

Take some amalaki powder and add honey or sugar. Add it to a glass of water and drink. It can also be added to milk or made in to a paste and applied over the vaginal tract for better results.

Turmeric powder and garlic

Mix turmeric powder with garlic and eat. This is very effective in condition where the white discharge is dense and itchy.


Eating ripe or over ripe banana is very beneficial in treatment of leucorrhoea. Take one Banana and add some clarified butter (ghee) to it. Take at least twice daily for beneficial results

Cumin seeds

Grind some cumin seeds and mix it with honey and apply over the vaginal area. A concoction made of cumin seeds is very effective in treating leucorrhoea.


Mix and boil asparagus and somnifera withania. Drink this for effectively treating this condition.

Smilax china powder

Make a paste using smilax china powder and milk and apply it over the genital areas for better results, use twice daily.

Other Herbs

Lamium album, White nettle and Tiger lily are other herbs which are effective in treatment of Leucorrhoea. However, they must be used under the guidance of naturopaths.

Prevention Tips

The best prevention is to keep the body clean and eat a healthy diet along with the adequate consumption of water. Wearing comfortable, “breathable” panties and changing them often will also help prevent some of the build up and bacteria that can cause leucorrhoea. Those who swim or exercise often should change out of damp clothing as soon as possible to prevent the formation of conditions that lead to leucorrhoea. Low stress levels and healthy sleeping habits can also reduce strain on the body.

Other ways to prevent issues with leucorrhoea include

  • Avoid excessive use of products designed for feminine hygiene. This can include panty liners, pads, tampons, douches and feminine sprays.
  • Avoid contaminating the vaginal area by always wiping front to back after bowel movements and observing proper hygienic practices.
  • Proper use of condoms and other types of barriers such as dental dams when in any sexual relationship. When infection is present, abstain from sexual activity during treatment to avoid spreading the infection.

Tips for curbing leukorrhea include

  • Elude non-vegetarian diet such as eggs, meat, fish etc.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Consume ghee, milk, green vegetables in extra quantities
  • Vaginal area should be kept clean and dry

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